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The Ritchie Swimwear 2016 Convertible Collection brings to you a new innovation in functional, fashionable, head-turning swimwear. Swimwear should let you do more than lay in the sun. Ritchie Swimwear has created this unique collection that goes from the beach, to a leisurely lunch, back to the beach and then to the shops. You can even roll into the evening with these convertible looks! What’s the secret? Cover-up pieces, available in two lengths, literally attach to the swimwear tops. You won’t need a changing room to get ready for dinner, just attach the longer cover-up to transform your swimsuit into an elegant dress. The shorter length can function as a tankini top or as a short skirt. Crafted from a special durable fabric that let’s you wash and wear, the beautiful ruched cover-ups have the make and feel of luxurious garments while giving you the versatility to create the style you want. These fashionable pieces are now available in Palm Leaf print and will soon be available in solid colors, including Valentino Red. Two types of bottoms and tops provide a variety of coverage and style options that make this collection perfect for any woman. Ritchie Swimwear has always been in the business of modernizing swimwear life and with this new "Resort Life" collection it continues this tradition.

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Ritchie Swimwear was founded in 1979.  Head designer Ritchie B. has been making swimwear in Miami since 1980.  We've had retail stores, franchise shops around the world, as well as selling in other shops and department stores around the world. The bikinis have appeared in Sports Illustrated over 7 times, on the worlds most famous models. Now, Ritchie B. has partnered with ex model Maria Checa bringing exciting new styles and pricing with the same quality, spirit and drive that has made Ritchie swimwear so successful.

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